The Manufacturing Process

There are two sides the mishicot enterprise group, the manufacturing class has been working hard to complete all of the orders from black Friday. Here’s how they do it. The process in laser engraving has a lot of steps. It starts with a team taking the custom image to make it engravable and fit to size for the tumbler or glass. The manufacturing class has a specific group assigned to this part. Next they upload the image to their main computer and they send the image to the computer that is connected to the fabrication machine. Then they put tape onto the tumbler or glass to center the image on the product. When they put the product into the fabrication machine they take a level and align the tumbler or glass so the image is centered. After this they send the image to the fabrication machine and they make sure that they have lined everything up right and that all settings are correct. They close the lid and set the fabrication machine to the setting that is needed. If you are wanting to order but you don’t want to send in a bad image, the best thing you can do is send in a image that is bigger. The bigger the picture the better the engravement.