What are the best Christmas Gifts of 2018?

At Mishicot Enterprise we are looking forward to the upcoming holidays. As a result, this week we have done some research on what the top 10 gifts for this year would be based on trends and patterns for teens and young adults.  Click this link to see the list.

Best Christmas Gifts of 2018

1. Hologram Projector night light
target demographic is high.
 2. Headphones Disguised as a Winter Beanie
Product performs both objectives expected
3. Laser Engraved Rocks glass
product is good in quality and customizable
4. Laser Engraved Tumbler mug
product keeps drink at temperature and is customizable
5. Joke Wine bottle that is actually a toolkit
Joke is funny and tools are useful
6. Laser Engraved Mason Jar with a handle
Looks cool and customizable
7. Gaming Consoles
Kids always want new consoles
8. Video Games
Usually needed to use #7 9. 
Rubix cube
Product has always been popular from the time it was created.
10. Fidget spinner/ cube
Useful for calming down kids that are hyperactive or just keeping them preoccupied. Product is very popular.

In other news this week we have been preparing for our local pumpkin fest where we will be running a booth. Come say hello to our Mishicot Enterprise team members that will be attending!  We will be accepting orders and doing a raffle for a free tumbler! We added a new drop down menu to our website this week to allow customers to choose a template from our images page that would look great on any tumbler!  We made phone calls to followup on leads generated and we created a display for the  entry way in the high school.  We hope to see you at pumpkin fest!

-Mishicot Enterprise staff